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Introduction to Get Paid (To) Industry

It is essentially before we move on and start listing some of those sites and reviewing each, to you, understand what is Get Paid (To) and how does it works!

-What is it and how does it works?

Those are sites that pay members money and/or points for doing several things.Those can be reading emails purchased by program advertisers, clicking on ads (banners), signing up on specific sites using GPT site's referral link and more...

-How to sign up with GPT site?
Very simple actually, all you have to do is to register just like you would for any forum, most of GPT sites are free, but offer large amount of upgrades with special benefits.

Get Paid (To) Methods

-Get Paid (To) Click
also known as PTC
Paid-To Click programs do not send email advertisements to the members email address. Members are required to click banners/ text links on the website itself, which earn them money and/or points.

-Get Paid (To) Promote also known as PTP
Paid-To Promote programs pay members a fixed amount of cash per page view.For example 0.75$/1000 views means for each page view you will get 0.75$/1000 = 0.00075$.It may look a way too small but those sites with great traffic can get much!

-Get Paid (To) Read also known as PTR
Paid-To Read programs are ones in which you are sent e-mails, whether on the PTR's site commonly named "Site Inbox" or e-mail address you registed with.Depending on the PTR site, e-mails may come as little as 1 per week or as much as 50+ per day.

-Get Paid (To) Sign Up also known as PTS
Paid-To Sign programs are ones in which you're required to sign up on specific site using PTS's site url which (mostly) contain referral link.Cash you get per sign up can vary from 0.10$ to 0.25$ and even 75.00$ but for such a high value you mostly need to register trial on targeted site meaning that you need to pay (but mostly smaller sum than you get).Pending status can vary also, from 1 day to month.

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