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Review: Sign-Profit [PTP Site]

This time I'll introduce you to a very popular nowadays program called Sign-Profit.

In this program you don't have to complete offers, click on banners, or have your PC turned ON for a while, all you have to do is include SignProfit banner in your signature in approved forums or sites (you can request site for approval).

You get paid:
1.25$ / Per 1000 impressions of our image block
0.10$ / Per each signup referred by You
0.003$ / Per each click on your ad

Amount: 0.50$
Service: EGold

If you aren't familiar with meaning of "impressions" I'll explain it for you - Basically it means everytime someone see a page with you banner on it, you'll get 0.00125$ (1.25/1000).

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