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What is a HYIP?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program.
It is usually defined as any investment that brings in a higher rate of interest than your bank's saving account, which at current interest rates is about 3% to 5% per annum depending where you live in the world.

Online HYIP’s are a completely different to offline HYIP’s:

  • The minimums are much lower, as low as $10 or less
  • The Hyip owner generally mask their domain name
  • 99% of the time you'll have no real contact info on the owner of the program
  • There is much more chance that the program owner will run off with your money than in legitimate offline HYIP's
Choosing a proper HYIP is something that you will need to do very carefully, and you should only do if you feel completely comfortable with risks associated with any one investment.Even the most legit HYIP should be approached with caution, and followed up by extensive research.You have to remember when looking at HYIPs that even those that are not scams cannot promise you much in the way of returning money.The potential to make a lot of money relatively quickly is there, but it is not a guarantee

This should be done after you experience GPT sites and you got some spare dollar inside your PayPal or EGold account.

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